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Ever struggle to link-in or out of a aircraft under nods and in full kit with 6 other pipe hitters stacked on top of you? Yeah we have too.  After countless rotary operations we designed this system to give you all the options you need when ground pounding takes you into the air.
The Infil Belt where gun belts meet retention harness;  all the usability of a ridged yet low profile belt but the link in options of a retention system.  

* Small fits men's pants waist size of 27"-34"  (if you're close go up a size)

*Made from 2” scuba webbing

*3 protected retention loops of 1” tubular nylon.

*Full length MOLLE loops top and bottom.  

*Light weight liner belt included 

*Cut to fit sizing allows perfect fitment (Ensure that your belt is equipped as you will use it AND you have on your liner belt before you cut!) a holster and a few pouches can add up to 2" to your belt circumference.