Black Alpha Panel

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The Alpha Panel was designed and refined through rigorous use and reevaluation.  In real-world application across the globe it has proven to be the perfect combination of rapid access to magazines, specialty tools, mission critical documentation or other like sized equipment.  The Alpha Panel is ideal for Ground Force Commanders, Tactical Leaders, CCTs/SOTACs, SWAT Assaulters, EOD, Medics or anyone else needing to bring specialty equipment to a gun fight.

*Fits 6 M-4 mags 

*Elastic mag slots are expandable enough to fit 40mm grenades, Flash-Bangs, TQs, initiators, hand held GPS units and most cell phones (depending on case type)

*Ride height adjustable FASTEX clips (compatible with most modern plate carriers)

*Admin pouch has adjustable/ lockable drop angle

*Removeable elastic 3x mag insert

*Removeable bungee retention tabs

*Dual drain grommets at bottom of mag pouch for TQ attachment point


Like all FSG equipment it’s made in the USA and is 100% Berry compliant.